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Digital transformation is pushing IT to do more. You’re tasked with mastering new tech, collaborating with the business on digital strategies and recommending strategic investments for the future. How can you do more with confidence? Go with the leader in enterprise architecture management, IT portfolio management and IT planning tools—Alfabet.


Validate Change Initiatives

See your IT portfolio from different perspectives to detect conflicts and leverage synergies. Analyze a change initiative early to scope effort and verify plausibility


Coordinate Your Changes

Catalog the enterprise architecture and its interdependencies to reduce risk and plan change. Identify dependencies to keep business running smoothly


Inform Change Decisions

Get a single view into strategy and operations by integrating source information and real-time performance data from any third-party product

The Forrester Wave

Apache Cassandra is the open-source, active-everywhere NoSQL that powers the internet’s largest applications.

Get the benefits of open-source with direct access to the engineers that support the largest Cassandra deployments.

Scale-out NoSQL for any workload

Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability, monitoring, and security.

Accelerate a cloud-native strategy or bare-metal performance, support more workloads from graph to search to analytics, and enable more users with Kubernetes, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Cloud-Native Cassandra-as-a-Service

Rapidly build cloud-native applications with DataStax Astra, a database-as-a-service powered by Apache Cassandra.

Scale-out and scale-in on any hybrid or multi-cloud with zero downtime at global scale.

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